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OA Standard (OAS)

Open Accessibility Standard (OAS) is a series of measurements based off of the American’s with Disability Act (ADA) and Open travel alliance (OTA). These measurements were selected to not only help businesses relay accessible information to the consumer but also help the consumer find a match for their needs*. for a complete list of these measurements please request our PDF.

Open to everyone

All OAI data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CCBY). Therefore, others can use all data as long as attribution is given.

API Access

OAI date is available via a JSON REST API, please request your key at Documentation and implementation examples for popular programming languages are currently under development.


We use platform to:

  • - Organize our team of collaborators across US and different countries.
  • - Merge hundreds sources of divergent data into one single dataset
  • - Pay collaborators for collected data.
  • - Advanced search in all our data (Elastic Data)
  • - Expose the data to the world via a REST API

Open Data
[oh-puh n]-[dey-tuh]

Is the idea that some data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control

Entrance: Parking, ramp, stairs, elevator, lift, etc.
Common Areas: Corridors, floor surface, steps, handrails, doors width, staircases, etc.
Bathroom : Wheelchair accesible, stall, entrance-width, turning space, sink, handrails, etc.
Elevator : Width, clearance, buttons, braile instructions, handrails, emergency communication, audible signal sound, floor surface, etc.
Sensory Needs: lights, tactile prints, braile literature, hearing impaired services, quiet atmosphere, etc.
Other: Emergency information, service dogs, ammenities.

Lobby: Registration desk, concierge desk, concierge services,etc.
Restaurant: Sensory Needs, Bathroom, Entrance, etc.
Business Center: Accesible meeting rooms, wheelchair accesible, assistive listening for meetings, hearing induction loop, etc.
Ammenities: Excercise facility, accesible pool, transportation, transfer airport/ station, etc.
Rooms: Accesible rooms, floors, bed types, corridor width, entry ways, emergency systems, power outlets, themostat height, surface heights, flat terrain, bathroom door entrance, sink height, grab bars toilet, grab bars shower, shower doors, steps, showerheads, benchs, etc.

General: Entrances, customer areas, special seating, table heights, braile literature.
Bathroom: Flat terrain, stall, entrance, turning space, sink height.

General: Wheelchair station, lift, lower level seating, oxygen equipment, Meet and assist personnel, advanced scheduling available, etc.